FAQ for Students

Q: What should I bring to class?
A: Recommendations:
-Please wear clothing you can move in
-We generally dance in bare feet but socks, slippers or dance shoes are also acceptable
-Please bring some type of scarf or material to tie around your hips for most types of cultural dance
-Remember to bring a water bottle

Q: Do I need to be a particular body shape or age in order to join the class?
A: No. My beginner dance classes are open to anyone who wants to have a little fun while getting some exercise. The idea that a person needs to be a particular body shape to dance does not exist in ethnic dance forms the way it does in classical dance. Ballerinas and classical dancers have their trim shape because of the extensive amount of physical activity they do. Often Belly Dancers and Flamenco Dancers for example, are more voluptuous, but that is not a norm either and really a dancers body type is irrelevant if she/he can dance!

Q: Are there any dance or fitness requirements to participate in a class?
A: No. Again, beginner dance classes are open to everyone, all that is required is enthusiasm! Any prerequisites for more advanced levels of classes will be listed in the class descriptions. Students with previous dance training may pick things up quicker, it simply takes a different amount of time for each individual to learn. Keep in mind that you can never stop learning when it comes to dance and even when you feel like you have a good understanding of a dance form, there is always more to learn!

Q: I am really enjoying the dance class and would like to purchase some music to practice to, where do I go and what do I buy?
A: Music is the most important part of dance; dance does not exist without it. Part of learning to dance is learning to understand rhythm and music; part of learning ethnic dance forms is becoming familiar with the styles of music that accompany them. It is an exciting journey learning about music from around the world! The music recommendations will vary depending on the class. I often give out a resource handout that will list music suggestions and where to look for them. If I don't just ask me in class and I can make some recommendations that are specific to the class you are taking.
Some good places to look for music are:
-The "World Music Section" in any music store
-Public Library
-The Internet

Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.
~Kurt Vonnegut~