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Dance Class Descriptions

Dance is your pulse, your hearbeat, your breathing.
It's the rhythm of your life.
It's the expression in time and movement,
in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.
~J'aques D'ambroise~

Worldbeat Dance & Art for Kids! 
$160/8 week session OR $20/class
Our Signature Class!
This is a special class designed to give children an opportunity to learn about Culture from around the world through Dance and Art! Whether this class is run as a Weekly Class, or as a Spring/Summer/Winter Camp, it is comprised of a Dance class, and an Art class featuring a different culture each time!
Runs as a 2 hour class weekly, in 8 week sessions. Comprised of a 1 hour dance class, and a 1 hour art class.
Spring/Summer/Winter Camps! $100/week OR $20/day
Run as a 2 hour class Monday - Friday, in 1 week blocks. Comprised of a 1 hour dance class, and a one hour art class, featuring a different culture each day!

The cultures we teach from for this course are as follows:
Egypt - Belly Dance
Hawaii - Hula
India - Bollywood
Cuba - Salsa
Spain - Flamenco
Africa - North African Dance
Tahiti - Tahitian Dance
Greece - Greek Line Dance
Italy - Italian Folk Dance
Turkey - Turkish Folk Dance

What to bring:
Water bottle
Wear old comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and can withstand some paint splotches etc.
Supplies included

Beginner Belly Dance
This class is open to anyone who wants to try Belly Dance, no previous dance or belly dance experience required. Our objective with Beginner Belly Dance is to give students a well rounded introduction to Belly Dance while exercising the body and having a super fun time! As well as beginner technique the student will learn the beautiful art of the veil and a short choreography!

Level 1 Belly Dance
This class is for anyone who has done a bit of belly dance, or taken the odd class, but feels like they need a refresher before moving on to a more intermediate level. In this class students will review beginner technique as well as some new movements. As well they will study Egyptian Cane Dance and learn a choreography!

Level 2 Belly Dance
This is Intermediate Belly Dance! In this level there is a strong focus on technique and style. Students will learn to play Sajat - Belly Dance hand cymbals, which are a percussion instrument Belly Dancers play to accompany their dance. A hand cymbaI choreography will also be taught.
Students must complete at least one year of Belly Dance classes prior to taking this level.

Level 3 Belly Dance
This is Advanced Belly Dance! Congratulations you have made it to the final level where we will be focusing on the finishing touches that will enable you to go on to workshops, where some of the world's greatest Belly Dancers will be your teachers... This is the level where everything you have learned comes together, so be prepared!
Students must successfully complete at least one level of Intermediate Belly Dance prior to taking this class.

Egyptian Sword Dance
This class focuses on the beautiful Egyptian Sword Dance. Learn the art of balancing, and the technique of dancing while doing so. Come to understand the history of the Egyptian Sword Dance, and it's place in the world today.
For Advanced Belly Dance students only.

Level 4 ~ Dance Troupe
This is the Professional Dance Troupe: Worldbeat Dance Company
To join you must be competent in a wide range of cultural dance forms, and have a good strong dance background.

American Tribal Style
Coming soon...

Yoga Belly
Warm up your body with the gentle postures of Vinyasa Yoga; Learn to balance body and mind through the flow of Asanas (physical postures) and controlled breathing. Follow this half hour warm up with one hour of Belly Dance technique & combos designed so anyone can learn to Belly Dance. Then finish up this wonderful 2 hour class with a half hour yoga cool down. Introduce yourself to the ancient art of Oriental Dance. An art form which, for thousands of years has aided in the physical and spiritual betterment of women and men!

Cardio Belly
This class combines Beginner Belly Dance technique with energetic cardio and abdominal toning.
It's a fast paced class providing lots of exercise and even more fun!

The Dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.
~Mata Hari~

Beginner Flamenco
Learn the fiery dance of Flamenco! This amazing, passionate dance form has a complex history and the movements are not for the faint hearted. We warm our bodies with intense flamenco drills, moving on to techinique, practice, and culminating in a traditional flamenco choreography!

Beginner Ladies Single Salsa
The world over loves Salsa! It is of the most versatile dance forms alive - it can be done as a couple, as an individual, at a club, in a performance. Learn the beginner technique needed to master Salsa, Practice, and bring it all together into a dance!

Beginner Bollywood & Bhangra
India has a diverse range of dance forms, from classical to modern, all equally beautiful! Bollywood is a dance form that has evolved almost entirely from India's Movie Industry. Bollywood instead of Hollywood. The music used for Bollywood is referred to in India as "filme" music - meaning music from films. Bhangra is a lively and energetic dance form that has evolved in Norhtern India!
Please join us for an exciting class of diverse movement to exciting music, culminating in an amazing choreography!

Beginner Hula & Tahitian
Learn the beautiful dances of Polynesian, focusing on Hawaiian Hula & Tahitian! We begin each class with a gentle warm up, followed by technique & practice, culminating in a beautiful choreography!

The truest expression of a people
is in it's dance and in it's music.
Bodies never lie.
~Agnes de Mille~

Worldbeat Dance
Around the world in 8 weeks! Learn a different cultural dance form each week, for the ultimate history lesson while having fun and getting exercise too! Learn the history of dance from around the world and some of the most popular steps and dances from a variety of cultures!
~ Belly Dance, Hula, Bollywood, Salsa, Flamenco, North African, Tahitian, Greek Line Dance ~

Worldbeat Fusion
For a different kind of fun, experience true world dance fusion through fabulous worldbeat music! Dance technique from a variety of different cultures fused with music from around the world, to create something entirely new and very upbeat!

Bellywood ~ Belly Dance, Bollywood Fusion
Bellywood is a fusion of two of the most popular dance styles: Belly Dance and Bollywood! The goal of this class is fun and exercise and to provide students with the opportunity to learn about two really wonderful dance forms. Learn about the history of both dance styles, then move on to technique from both, lots of practice, and an original choreography to exciting music!

Andalusian Dance ~ Belly Dance, Flamenco Fusion
Two incredible dance forms share roots in Andalusia, Spain. They are the exotic Belly Dance of the Middle East and the passionate dance of Flamenco! Flamenco was born in the southern most region of Spain called Andalusia, a name derived from the Arabic Al-Andalus referring to the southern region of the Iberian peninsula. This is a region very rich in culture and tradition that has seen many peoples and cultures throughout history. This explains the richness and intensity of Flamenco and the hidden layers of Arabic culture. In this class students will have the opportunity to experience these two rich dance forms together!

Journey of the Gypsy Dancer

Follow the journey of the Gypsy Dancer, the Rom, from Rajasthan India through to Spain, by learning a little of the dancing they did along the way! A passionate class in history, rhythm and dance!

Jazz Orientale~ Belly Dance, Jazz Dance Fusion
Jazz Orientale is a fusion of Belly Dance and Jazz Dance set to incredible music! The sky is the limit with this class, accessing a wide range of technique, movement, ability, and music.

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
~Japanese Proverb~

Middle Eastern Dance Study
Travel Northern Africa & the Middle East through dance, and learn the history and richness of Oriental Dance. From Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia & Egypt, to Lebanon, the Gulf, Iraq & Iran. Learn the beautiful range in differences and similarities between these ancient dance forms that spread across Northern Africa & the Middle East!

Indian Dance Study
Many are unaware of the vast variety of dance forms that play a large roll in India's history. From Rajasthani dance and Bhangara in the north, to Bollywood dance - derived entirely from India's film industry, to classical dance styles such as Kathak, Bharatanatyam, and Odissi. In the class you will have the opportunity to learn a little about each dance form, while enjoying the diverse culture & music India has to offer!

African Dance Study
Learn technique, rhythms, and dances from North Africa, East Africa, South Africa, and West Africa! An exciting range of motion and music!

Polynesian Dance Study
Polynesian dance styles range from Hawaii to Tahiti to New Zealand to Samoa & beyond... Learn the rythmic motions of polynesian dance, and how each style differs in costume, music, and motion.

Mediterranean Dance Study
Circumnavigate the Mediterranean Sea with dance! Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia & Morocco! A packed dance schedule to be sure...

Americas Dance Study
Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, to name a few... Studying the dances of the America's is a study in passion to be sure. The music, motion, and costumes are so vibrant! Full of passion and history...

This class focuses on breathing, flexibility, sharp focus and core strength. Gentle poses and moving forward safely, staying in tune with your own body, and connecting mind and body through breath are key elements in this class.
Beginners welcome, no experience necessary.
Please bring a yoga mat and small blanket, plus yoga blocks and straps if you have/require them.

Latin dance, fitness and hip-hop fuse together to create a fun cardio workout.
Easy to follow steps. No experience necessary. Come join the PARTY!
Please bring a yoga mat, small towel and water.

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To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.
~Indian Proverb~

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