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The Power of Dance by Tascheleia Marangoni

posted Mar 24, 2011, 3:15 PM by Tascheleia Marangoni
The act of standing up and beginning to move the body in any way is a therapeutic experience to say the least. For people who spend a great deal of their day sitting, this is especially true. Walking is wonderful after being in a chair for awhile and equally enjoyable when we need to get out of the house. Stretching the body and moving the limbs is fabulous and true pleasure; Taking those limbs and making them dance is joy and ecstasy itself

I think even still the power of dance is underestimated. Dance is truly in our souls, something we as a species have been doing for thousands of years as a form of movement and expression. We have danced for lovers and to secure mates, we have danced in celebration, we have danced in the face of war. It is the perfect embodiment of art, exercise and passion. And the element of music that generally accompanies dance is a huge part of this too. Even if that element is something as simple as a single drum beat, it is enough to stir in most of us something primal.

Dance for me, has existed my whole life. It has been my friend, my enemy, my obsession and my passion, but most importantly it has always been there for me. When I was bored I would dance, when I was lonely I would dance, when I was inspired I would dance and when I was depressed or anxious I would dance... AND then I would feel JOY.

I have to admit too as I have in a previous blog that I got a little burnt out on dance a few years ago. I had just danced too much and may dealt with a little more than my fair share of dance politics. I just needed a break. I still danced, but not as much and not with as much fervor as I had in previous years. This past year, I have felt my passion and inspiration for dance returning to me and it is wonderful! I found my passion for dance again in a Zumba class of all places. When I go to it, this class just makes me smile and I feel joyful. The music is uplifting, the movements are enjoyable and I feel free to just dance and be me.

I think everyone should experience dance in their lifetime. Whether it is in your living room by yourself, with your spouse at an event, at a dance class or somewhere else, experiencing the power of dance is just as important as seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Dance is not just about exercise, art and passion. Nor is it simply about power and joy. Dance can also be very therapeutic. As a creative outlet it can be a good distraction for someone who is not feeling completely themselves; Dance can even help lift someone out of a depression. Through expression and movement healing and transformation can occur!